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Minimalist, slim, narrow profile.

The mudguards are mounted to the bicycle with 3 components. The first element is a mobile clamp that moves across the full length of the mudguard. Thanks to this solution, we fit the mudguard to each frame, because it does not restrict the mounting field so important for other solutions. The second fixing element is the side wires that keep the mudguards at a constant distance from the tyre so that it does not fly when riding. The third mounting element is only in the rear mudguard, and in the SHORT version, it is a boom with a bend to the bicycle frame. In addition, the rear side mounting holes on the mudguard are designed for reflective 3D stickers to enhance the safety of cyclists on the road. Mudguards are available in two versions of steel elements - Inox and Zinc. The Inox version, wires and all mounting components are made of stainless steel which ensures perfect appearance for many years.

Additional Info

  • Weight: 393 g
  • Colour: White, black, titanium
  • Material: Plastic - PP
  • Mounting: Shock Absorber or Classic fork, rear frame, side wires 4 mm
  • Wheel size: 28 '', width 45 mm
  • Notes: Stable side wiring, rear mudguard protects the entire wheel
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