IQ fenders have been specially designed for any gravitational cycling, which is governed by its own rules. In online forums, it is often said that a respected player is not interested in using a fender because the mud for him is a force and an indispensable element of competition, and the fender is seen as unnecessary mass, which in addition often backs the bike. Sometimes it's hard to disagree. I have in my memory a beautiful poster where you can see the total muddy mud of the athlete and under the inscription Makeup by KLEIN.
As a manufacturer of bicycles, we decided to overturn this stereotype and hope that our revived series of discreet IQ fenders will hit the professional tastes.
Their name is not accidental, the IQ is synonymous with intelligent mudguards made of flexible 0.8mm thick polypropylene panels that protect where you need it most. We will not promise that you will not be dirty, you will be very much, because you like it. Only that dirt will remain where his place is, and his face and rump will remain dry and clean.

For what we love IQ?

Polish product - Produced in Poland from Polish materials
Weight, weight, weight! - The lightest mudguards in the market
Simplicity of form and assembly - I want to assume this, as not to the backpack
Discreet and minimalist look - In fact, they are not visible to them, and as you have noticed, you will find that they even add a taste to the bike.
Resistance to damage - PP high impact polypropylene plates are quite promising




Additional Info

  • Weight: 111 g
  • Colour: Black, red, blue
  • Material: PP high impact polypropylene plates
  • Mounting: Velcro
  • Notes: 4 piece set of downhill mudguards
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