The RAPTOR mudguards, as the name implies, have been created for true predators. Their design makes their heart pump harder on their legs, and their utility only highlights how useful it is for every bicycle.

The RAPTOR Front mudguard has been designed for universal versatility.

We can mount it both for cushioned forks, then it is mounted on the dampers of the shock absorber, as well in a classic bicycle. In addition, the user-appreciated SPEEDclick mountings known from the HAMMER Front can also be used as an option to mount the mudguards into the crown of the fork. The RAPTOR Front during the ride turns with the wheel so that its fins are always within easy reach of the tyre, providing optimum protection when riding in any terrain.

The versatility of the RAPTOR PRO Rear mudguard has been achieved by provides the option of attaching it to the seat post using the SPEEDclamp fast clamp known from the HAMMER PRO fenders. 

Additional Info

  • Weight: 348 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Plastic – PP, PC
  • Mounting: Shock absorber, crown fork or classic fork, seat poster, SPEEDclamp
  • Wheel size: 24'' - 29''
  • Notes: Universal mudguard set
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